Advantages and Tips for designing Open Kitchen for your home

Open Kitchen Design for your home

Open Kitchen Design for your home

Open kitchens are a hot trend now. Kitchen is no more just a place where we cook instead it has extended into our family rooms where we all gather around . Just by knocking down one wall we make the kitchen a part of a bigger space and combine the family room and kitchen (read more on Kitchen Design Guidelines). Thus the concept of open kitchen became so popular.

Being a mom of two little boys who have something up their sleeve more often than not I personally like this concept as I can keep an eye on them, plus am not confined to an enclosed space and be left out of conversations, movies or sports events on TV, while I am cooking .Open kitchen gives way to island space which can have a sink or a burner keeping the work triangle compact and easy with additional storage space under it. Island seating thrown in with some bar stools keeps family and friends within conversational distance without getting in the way.

Open Kitchen Design with black and white theme

Open Kitchen Design with black and white theme

Though I feel there are certain minuses with an open kitchen in terms of our Indian tadkas and masalas the aroma can go all over the house ,but with correct ventilation like windows ,exhaust fans and electric chimneys above the gas burner we can minimize it .Another one I truly detest is having a messy kitchen, an open kitchen means it should be clutter free and sparkling clean, fine not sparkling ,but clean and organized at the least, which is quite achievable by clever and smart storage systems .These days the pull out storages are a rage and very convenient .A kitchen can look more streamlined when appliances are hidden in cabinets, deep pull out drawers ,or an entire wall of tall cabinets which custom fit your oven ,microwave or nowadays even a built in wine cooler .

Here are some ways you can tie an open kitchen seamlessly into your space

Open Kitchen Design with Wooden Cabinet

Open Kitchen Design with Wooden Cabinet


1: To make your open kitchen look more attractive and part of your living room you can have your family room flooring extended into your kitchen.

2: Use of Stainless steel appliances like the fridge, microwave or oven helps to make your open kitchen look sleeker and modern.

3: Having the same wood finishes of the living room carried onto your kitchen cabinets, especially the fridge which can be integrated with custom made doors to match the storage units.

Open Kitchen integrated to your family room

Open Kitchen integrated to your family room



4: Use the same wall color throughout the whole floor, so it looks part of the whole.

5: Do not tile your kitchen all the way to the door height .Just have a backsplash tiled, rest all painted works wonderfully.









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