Designing and decorating small space with modern furnitures

Designing and decorating small spaces can be a challenge. People tend to over decorate causing the room to feel much smaller than it actually is due to clutter and over sized furniture. For people who appreciate modern furniture design with its clean, sleek architectural lines, vibrant colors and coveted contemporary style, modern design may be the answer for decorating a small space. A small space offers a perfect opportunity to experiment with different looks using modern-designed furniture to create a soothing ambiance sure to bring relaxation and peace.

Clean lines, organic shapes and originality to the feel of each piece are what modern furniture design is all about. The majority of modern furniture is made from plastics or plywood. At its origin modern furniture design was created with premier functionality in mind. People wanted furniture that served a purpose more so than furniture that was attractive. Yet as this design idea became more popular, modern art mixed with the furniture design, thus creating the modern design that people are familiar with and love today.

Modern furnitures

Modern designed furniture utilize the minimalist idea with metallic colors like black, silver, nickel, gold, copper and bronze. Different shapes add to the artistic expression in the design of modern furniture and sometimes the use of bright, vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, green and purple are popular choices in such furniture as well.

Modern furniture with green color


Because modern furniture features the minimalist factor, pieces are not big and bulky. Their design is simple, yet elegant in its very contemporary feel.

Modern furniture with white chair


This ultra-modern living room chair features smooth lines and simple features. The frame of the chair is not overdone or intricate.  However, the metallic base of the piece coupled with the chic, glossy white upholstery makes this modern-designed chair a fun and fresh choice for any small living room facelift. This piece is like most modern-style living room chairs in that it is less bulky and doesn’t take up a great deal of space. For this reason, this contemporary chair is a perfect choice for living room seating if the space is tiny.

Pair this chair with another one of exactly the same style, and place a small accent table in between to create a cozy space for conversation amidst a simple yet contemporary setting. Or buy four of these chic chairs and center them around a modern-designed coffee table to allow for even more seating and room for conversation. The beauty of modern designed furniture is its simplicity. And the beauty of simplicity is the flexibility such modern pieces provide in arrangement within a space; especially a small space.


sleek and simple coffee table

This very sleek and simple coffee table would be a perfect focal point in a modern living room design. It is not large or overly bulky. Chairs such as the one discussed previously, would work beautifully when used alone, or coupled with a small love seat sofa, and placed around this table. Fine architectural lines and basic rectangular shapes prevail in the design and structure of this piece; however contemporary artistic touches are added as in the beautiful curvature created throughout the table base. Artistic expression is one of the beautiful features of modern furniture.

In keeping with the minimalist feature so prevalent in modern-designed furniture, this piece utilizes the metallic colors such as black and silver. And instead of being fully constructed out of plastic or plywood, this particular coffee table showcases a gorgeous sheet of glass on its top. Elegant yet simple, contemporary and artistic, this coffee table would make quite a statement at the center of conversation in a small modern-designed living room.