Engineered hardwood flooring maintenance and care


Engineered Hardwood floor needs regular maintenance. These type of floors needs to be polished every 3 to 4 years depending upon the traffic in the room.


For cleaning one can just sweep and mop it or you can use a vacuum cleaner. Never use excessive water for cleaning the engineered hardwood flooring. If water is spilled on the floor then it needs to be cleaned immediately. Do not let the water to lie on the floor for long time.


If your floor is prone to termite attack, then one must do the treatment for termite attack. This is very much important incase of engineered wood flooring. Polishing needs to be done once in every 3 to 4 years depending on the traffic on the floor. This helps to retain the elegant look of wood.


Just like hardwood floor, engineered wood is also susceptible to scratching from heavy traffic, furniture or pet nails. Always use cork pegs for your furniture legs. Don’t drag heavy materials on wooden floor surface as this may cause scratches. Usage of floor carpets on the high traffic area is also advisable.