Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Wooden Flooring With a Damp Cloth

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Methods

Every one loves the rich, elegant, classy look of wooden flooring. But how can we maintain the elegant look of wooden flooring is a big question .If we give a proper care right from the beginning itself, for sure you can maintain the classy look as it was at the time of installation.
Hardwood flooring requires much more careful handling than other flooring such as tiles or marble. With proper maintenance and care wooden flooring will last for years.
Hardwood flooring maintenance and care basically involves both preventive measures and proper cleaning methods.

Hardwood floor maintenance – Preventive measures:

1) AVOID SPILL OF LIQUIDS on wooden flooring:
One must be very careful about any kind of spills on the wooden flooring as standing water can warp your hardwood floor. Water or any other liquids will spoil the wood. Hence if one spills water or any liquid on the wooden floor, then it needs to be cleaned immediately. Water should not be allowed to remain on floor for long hours.

2) Precautions for TERMITE ATTACK on wooden flooring:
Also if you feel that your floor is prone to termite attack, then you must do the treatment for termite attack on a regular basis ideally in every 2-3 years depending on the climate condition.

3) Protect your wooden floor from HEAVY TRAFFIC:
Hardwood floor’s finish is susceptible to scratching from heavy traffic. Make use of carpets, runners, area rugs just to protect your floor from the possible damages due to heavy traffic.

4) Protect you wooden floor from possible DAMAGE DUE TO FURNITURE:
In order to overcome the possible damages due to furniture always use cork pegs for your furniture legs. Also do not drag heavy materials on wooden floor surface as this may cause scratches.

5) Protect you wooden floor from PETS’S NAILS:
Pets always scratches the floor with their nails.So donot forget to trim your pets nail periodically.

6) Protect you wooden floor from SAND, DUST and DIRT:
The sand and dirt acts as sandpaper on the wooden floor finish and leads to scratches, dents and lose of sheen. So in order to prevent damage caused by dust and dirt make use of floor carpets at the entrance of the room itself so that you can trap a significant amount of dirt and dust. Also use of runners, area rugs on the high traffic area helps to minimize the damage due to heavy traffic and dust.

7) Protect you wooden floor from HIGH HEALED AND HEAVY SHOES:
Say ‘NO’ to high heeled shoes, heavy shoes on the wooden floor as this can make scratches, dents on your wooden floor.

8) Protect you wooden floor from HARD CLEANING CHEMICALS:
Cleaning by pure water is the best option. If you are going for a specific cleaning agent then try to use the cleaning agent recommended by the manufactures of wooden flooring.

9) Protect you wooden floor from DIRECT SUNLIGHT:
Hardwood floors are natural wood and so if the surface finishing is not done properly direct exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration to your wooden floor.
In order to prevent from direct sunlight make use of good curtains.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Methods:
Sweep daily with a broom with fine ends.

Cleaning of hardwood flooring can be done with damp cloth. Make sure it’s not too much wet.

Vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning. While selecting vacuum cleaner try to select light and handy one. Do not go for a heavy vacuum cleaner because if by accident your vacuum cleaner accessories fell down then it may damage your wooden floor.

Polishing needs to be done once in every 3 to 4 years depending on the traffic on the floor.

In short, solid wooden flooring needs regular attention when compared to other types of flooring. The comfort, rich look and coziness given by solid wood flooring will surely compensate the effort required for maintaining the wooden floor.