Moving home can be made easy using packers and movers

packers and movers for moving home

packers and movers for moving home

Moving home, be it to a nearby locality or to a distant place can be made easy if you follow these simple steps.

You can save a lot of effort and avoid confusion if you do proper planning. Some guideline to help you to shift comfortably is given below:

1)Once you are finalized with decision of moving home, plan the dates for shifting.

2)Check the rates with packers and movers and negotiate for a good deal. Also please don’t forget to check for the review comments  about the packers and movers from the internet before finalizing the deal.

If you are shifting to a nearby locality you can  avail the service from local porters but most likely one may end up putting in additional effort for packing your items and transporting  them safely without damage and could also end up in confrontation with related to last minute change in cost by local porters.

Advantages of using services by packers and movers while shifting or moving home:

a)The packers and movers company will send a person to your house for knowing about the details of relocation and will give you cost estimate based on following factors:

  • distance to the new place
  • The floor from which you want to move your items and the floor to which you want to move  your items in the new place
  • Number of heavy household items
  • Number of house hold items which needs dismantling and reassembly

b)On the day of shifting the packers and movers come and pack everything in the house for you. Also they will select type of packing based on items for example your television will be bubble packed and your clothes will be packed in a carton.

c)They will dismantle the items by themselves and will reassemble in new place

d)In case of any damage you can claim damage cost from packers and movers based on services you have availed.

packers and movers labeling the cartons

packers and movers labeling the cartons

3)On the day of shifting, make sure to pack the house hold stuff room wise. On every carton mark the name of the room where the contents of carton was kept before shifting. Also if possible try to list out the contents of carton on a note pasted on top of carton. Also please don’t forget to apply transparent tape on top of note pasted on carton. This will keep the note in tact

4)If you have valuables like cash, jewellery etc which are personal ,it will be more safe if you pack it by yourself. Please try to pack it before the day of shifting and keep it safely with you or keep it in your relatives or friends house whom you can trust. You can take those back at any time convenient to you.

5)It’s always better to have an idea of positions of heavy household items so that while unloading you can ask the concerned people to keep it in positions. This will save you from the extra effort and expenses.

6)Ask the loaders or the packers and movers to unload the carton and keep it in room noted on top of carton. For example a carton with label “Kitchen Items” must be unloaded in kitchen of relocated house. This will help in reorganizing the stuff fast in your new house.

7)Please plan to arrange for a domestic help, if you can identify and afford one in the new relocated place. Ensure that your  the domestic help cleans the place before the day of unloading and also immediately after unloading.

8)Stock yourself with water bottles and snacks in the newly relocated house so that you can manage while you are busy with shifting. Lack of water and hunger adds to the stress.

The above article is written from my personal experience .Feel free to write comments in case you would like to point out other important aspects that may have been missed.