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You can sign up as a Professional / Business Owner or as an Individual. When you sign up as a professional / business owner, you can also provide your contact details of your business which will be displayed for potential customers to contact you.

Why should a Designer showcase. Wouldn’t it lead to plagiarism?

Design is a piece of art where the original and copy are distinguishable. Any customer who approaches a designer and looks forward to him to be an advisor to help them take the right decision.

GoodHomeAdvisor (GHA) helps a Designer to showcase their work and advice in a easy, honest manner using the tags and the questions. The customers would be able to understand the designers thought process and connect with the right advisor.

Why should a home enthusiast share their design?

Good Home Advisor team believes that every home owner has many stories to tell when they do up their home. Such experiences and stories when shared enable everyone to learn, admire and be inspired while taking the right decision in making their home.

How to submit your work

Photos can be uploaded by Professionals/Business owner or Individuals. The submissions of professional / Business owner is demarcated by the design element ____ which is displayed next to their profile

What is tagging ?

GoodHomeAdvisor (GHA) enables it users to highlight areas in the photo uploaded. This would help the users to highlight showcase specific portion or elements within the photo with more information thereby making the process of sharing more detailed but made simpler and easier.

Why is tagging important?

“Smallest things makes the biggest difference”. At GoodHomeAdvisor, we believe the beauty of a design can be encapsulated only when the various elements within the same is described. In a single photo it is difficult to express the same. Tagging your photographs helps to bring out the importance of these elements and help the community with information on the same. One can provide such information using the tag using the following

– Description section of the tag
– Price
– Details and location of the Shop. If it can be purchase online, then one provide the link for the same.

How to Tag the Photos?

Once the photo is uploaded and the details in the page is entered, you can left click and drag on the areas on the photo which need to be highlighted. You will find a popup which will help you to update more information thereby making the design more interactive and detailed for the community.